Choose A Color Or Not to Choose a Color!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 by Robert Stiltner

No matter the type of roof shingles you prefer, from inexpensive asphalt to charming wood or contemporary metal, you're bound to have an excellent roof if you work with Colonial Contracting. And while the installation work is up to them, you're by no means not involved in the process. For instance, you must select the color of shingles that you prefer. Depending on the material, they may be painted or stained a specific color. The choice you make will have a tremendous effect on the appearance of the roof, and therefore your home as a whole. 

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Image result for shingle colors

As with most materials, roof shingles can either reflect or absorb heat. This is particularly important of roofs, which are exposed to the sun for the entirety of the daylight hours. Roofs can relay heat down into your attic, which can warm up your entire home, so if you live in a hot region and want to cut down on cooling costs in warm weather, you might consider a light, reflective color. A sandy brown, white, or light gray roof will reflect more heat than a deep, intense color like black or dark blue. 


The style of your home can inform your color choices. Certain traditional styles, like Victorian, invite bold and floral color choices. Meanwhile, a more conservative, Georgian home will look best with an old-fashioned wood-toned or black roof.

Also, be aware that certain shingles will limit your color choices in favor of a stylistic quality. For instance, clay shingles give homes a warm, Mediterranean vibe, but are more likely to be available in orange, pink, and tan shades than in cool colors like blue or green.

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You should also ensure that your roof's shingles match the rest of your house. It would be a shame to have to paint your house, windows, and door after already having paid for a new roof. You can use a color wheel to compare your current house color scheme to your shingle color choices. You can even ask your new roof installation contractor for a recommendation, based on your home's current appearance and their experience installing beautiful roofs.


Depending on where you live, your neighborhood may have a somewhat uniform architectural style. In older neighborhoods, the color of your house itself may even be limited to a few shades in a neighborhood motif. You may anger your neighbors if you install a red or green roof when more natural tones are preferred down the block.


Finally, consider your personal style choices. Which color jumps out at you? Have you seen a beautiful roof that you'd love to replicate? Inform us here at Colonial Contracting of  your preference, and we can help you decide on a specific shingle color that brings out the best in your home. Of course, if you need we  can offer design advice to help you arrive at the best decision.

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